Description: "Fragment with rows of human figures. German, 14th Century. Colored silks in brick stitch on linen"
Origin: Germany
Period: 14th-15th century
Current location: Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England
Museum number: 7093-1860
Object number: O364076

Current Museum page:

Current Museum Raw Record:

Original catalog description:
"Piece of canvas, embroidered with green and blue silk in tent (cushion) stitch, with repeated bands of angular shaped figures, men in blue, women in white, standing hand in hand ; the spaces filled up with lozenges in white. The women upon a green, the men upon a white ground. German. ? 15th centy. 8in. by 6in. Bought (Bock coll"). 7093.-1860. This specimen came from the cathedral at Halberstadt, Saxony." (Cole: 358)

Personal Observations:
This piece is badly worn and faded. It is in about the worst shape of any piece I've worked with. Careful reconstruction or the pattern by comparing surviving sections reveals lines of dancing figures holding flowers with prancing dogs between.  

Fabric count: 52 Count fabric (Based on personal observation)

Colors noted:
Green, blue and white: All colors badly faded past the point of guessing the original shades.   

Cole, Alan S. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Collections of Tapestry and Embroidery in the South Kensington Museum. London: Printed by Eyre and Spottiswoode for H.M. Stationery Off., 1888.{}