Description: Purse with Arms of John II of Brabant and Limburg and his wife Margaret of England. Wool fabric with embroidery in silk and gold thread (flat stitch) ; the back four twill damask (China , end of 13th - early 14th century) .
Origin: Europe
Period: 13th-14th century
Current location: Kerk O.L. Vrouw Geboorte, Tongeren, Belgum
Museum number: 35

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Personal Observations:

Fabric count: ~32 threads per inch (computed from photograph and given dimensions)

Colors noted:
Gilt/gold/silver strip:
    Surviving black looks like a flat strip. This appears to be corroded gold or gilt strip or possibly silver.
    The extensive use of this material makes for a much brighter original result than we now see.
    For example: what is now black and lt blue stripes was originally gold and lt blue.
    White, Yellow, Light Blue, Red, Black
    The areas of missing embroidery are assumed to be black, this fits with the nearby colors, and is reasonable based on
    experience with other pieces of the same era.

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