Description: "Panel, perhaps an apparel of alb or amice, made up of fragments of embroidery. German, 14th Century. Colored silks and gilt strip in satin stitch on linen"
Origin: Germany
Period: 14th-15th century
Current location: Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England
Museum number: 1261-1864
Object number: O364059

Current Museum page:

Current Museum Raw Record:

Original catalog description:
"Apparel (for an amice) of canvas, embroidered in satin stitch, with coloured silks and gold thread, with pattern of repeated lozenge shapes filled in with angular devices.
German. 14th centy. 14 in. by 5 1/4 in." (Cole: 139)

Personal Observations:

Fabric count: 44 Count fabric (Based on personal observation)

Colors noted (Matched under natural light to a DMC sample card):
    White Silk (DMC 746)
    Gilt Strip    
    Red Silk (badly faded)
    Purple Silk (DMC 327 )
    Green Silk (DMC 580)
    Blue Silk (DMC 519)

Cole, Alan S. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Collections of Tapestry and Embroidery in the South Kensington Museum. London: Printed by Eyre and Spottiswoode for H.M. Stationery Off., 1888.{}
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