Description: "Rectangular bag, linen entirely embroidered with coloured silks, Germany, 14th century"
Origin: Germany
Period: 14th-15th century
Current location: Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England
Museum number: 1567-1902
Object number: O144712

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Personal Observations:
This is a large and very striking piece. The colors seem to be mostly unfaded. The bag does not seem to have a closure, but there are fragments of a cord attached to the sides near the top.

Fabric count: 28 Count fabric (Based on personal observation)

Colors noted (Matched under natural light to a DMC sample card):
    Red Silk (DMC 498)
    Purple Silk (DMC 327)
    Dark Gold Silk (DMC 831)
    Gold Silk (DMC 833)
    White Silk (DMC 746)

References: None