This piece is one of the main reasons I was inspired to update and publish these notes. I was able to examine this item while at the V&A many years ago, but more recently I found another version, possibly from the same original piece, online at a museum in France. Most interestingly, the Cluny Museum was thoughtful enough to photograph the BACK as well as the front. Something I have never been able to study before, for any of these pieces. Design, size, and colors for the two pieces are all a close match; but there is one major difference: The lion figures face to the right in the V&A version and left on the Cluny Museum version.

Version A:
Description: "Fragment with heraldic devices. German, 14th Century. Colored silks in brick stitch on linen."

Origin: Germany
Period: 13th-14th century
Current location: Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England
Museum number: 859-1899
Object number: O129988

Current Museum page:

Current Museum Raw Record info:

Personal Observations:
As is usual in these pieces, the black silk is badly deteriorated, otherwise the embroidery on the fragment is in very good shape.

Fabric count: 52 count fabric (Based on personal observation)

Colors noted (Matched under natural light to a DMC sample card):
    Black Silk (DMC 310)
    Cream Silk (DMC 746)
    Green Silk (DMC 580)
    Blue Silk (DMC 519)
    White Linen (DMC White)

Version B:
Description: "Diamond embroidery fragment."

Origin: Germany
Period: 14th century
Current location: Cluny Museum - National Museum of the Middle Ages, Paris, France
Museum number: Cl21859

Current Museum page:

Personal Observations: Even more so than its close resemblance to Version A above, the exciting thing about this piece is that I can finally examine the back. There has always been a question in my mind as to how the stitching was worked: All three of the below methods would look the same from the front:

But my guess of variation B was correct. at least for this piece. Note to curators and restorers: Researchers like myself are as interested in the back of the piece as the front!

Fabric count: 49-50 count fabric (computed from photograph and known dimensions)

Colors noted (nearly identical to above):
    Black Silk
    Cream Silk
    Green Silk
    Blue Silk
    White Linen